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The Few

Often we look at leaders and successful people and we want to be them.
All we see is them on top.
And they make it look easy.
So we’ll copy them and what they do in hopes that we’ll be successful too.
But we don’t even have a clue what it took for them to get where they are.

There are only a few close enough to understand and they are key to that success.
Few know how crazy their schedules are.
Few know the sacrifies they made.
Few were around when they failed and felt like they can’t do it anymore.

The longer beremedy is around, the more respect I have for leaders that have been successful.
And for their families.
When I get alone time with a great leader, I speak less and ask more about these people and these moments.
The stories are sometimes shocking and always filled with gratefulness.

If you’re a key person in a leaders life, thank you for making them who they are.
To those people in my life, sticking with me in hopes that I’ll be a great leader one day.. THANK YOU!!
(and you know who you are).

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  • Caleb

    Keep it up my man. Honored to be on this journey with you!

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