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What’s Next

People love to know what’s next.
Next is exciting.

People often say, “I know what you’re doing.. but what’s next?”
The question is full of good intention.
Intention of challenging you to move forward.
Challenging you to ship and create.
Challenging you to not be stagnant.
Challenging you to new opportunity, new people, new ways to push your limits.

This is good…
If “next” is leading you where you’re going.
Which leads to the question, “where ARE you going?”

If you can’t answer this question, the pressure of “next” can lead to a step sideways instead of forward.

When you move sideways instead of forward, you can’t get where you’re going.
You end up in moving in circles while others are getting closer to their dreams.

Determine where you want to go.
Only take steps that lead you there.
Enjoy your journey.

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