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Pitch 1 or 2?

There are two scenarios.
1. You’re telling someone about your idea to inspire and get them to join your movement.
2. You’re pitching someone because you want more of their time & a meeting with them.

Here are some wise words by Seth Godin about scenario #2.

Seths Blog


Often, we’re so passionate we try to make everyone believe in our idea as much we do in every circumstance. This means we may give the scenario 1 talk when we should be giving scenario 2 pitch. An investor in Atlanta still jokingly tells the story how I started in on my baseball story in our first time together. I wanted him to know every once of what led me to do this. Really, he didn’t care.

When it’s clearly someone you want more time with, use your time to pitch the meeting about your project.
You want a conversation with that person, not an announcement.

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